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If this is someone you’ve seen several times now, it might be a good idea to see how they interact with your pet and vice versa. Not being a native to Denver, this is something I find interesting and a great way to create conversation and enjoy a casual date: take a tour of the city or visit various neighborhoods together.

People love their pets, so what better way to bond with someone than to try bonding with their pet? I enjoy looking at all the different architectural designs and styles of homes around Denver; they’re quite different than those homes and neighborhoods I grew up with on the East Coast.

By getting outside and physically active, you have the chance to see a potential partner in a different setting—i.e.: not all dressed up and trying to impress you!

Being able to connect with someone on various levels is important in any relationship and getting out of your comfort zone gives you the chance to see traits in your partner you might not otherwise recognize.

Taking part in a physical activity is a great way to connect because it offers the ability to be spontaneous, to try something different and provides excellent motivation to turn off the cell phone, unplug from technology and eliminate the background noise that so often plagues our daily lives.Rock climbing is a great activity for couples to try together because climbing requires trust…and trust is a key component in any relationship.There are indoor climbing gyms that offer lessons for beginners and this is a good place to start before you venture into climbing actual outdoor rock walls.No matter where you live there are things you can do to get you and your date moving and enhancing your connection in new ways.Don’t get me wrong—a romantic dinner date can be wonderful.

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