Divorce dad and dating

First, listen carefully to your child's questions about divorce so that you are clear about what they are asking.

This of course requires a big commitment on the part of both parents to protect their children from any conflict that may be present between the adults.You can let them know that you understand that they wish it could be different and that you also understand that it would make them very happy if you could reunite. You tried for a long time and it would only cause more pain and sadness to try again. If you are separated and not sure if you are going to divorce, tell your children something to the effect that you don't yet know how things are going to work out.If there is even the slightest hint of doubt as to whether you and your child's other parent will get back together, don't say that it is going to happen.Children typically have little idea about what is going to happen.Their notion of divorce is often full of misunderstandings or just plain incorrect information.

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