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Whether or not prices have bottomed out on any of the state quarter proof sets remains to be seen.The numismatic objective of collecting uncirculated sets has fallen out of favor with many collectors.

Are there any high-end valuables to be found among these popular though grossly common coins? In general, the copper-nickel clad Proof and 90 percent silver Proof 50 State quarters have always been the most expensive regular-issue coins of the series.

Today, those same proof sets are offered on e Bay for Buy-it-Now prices of or less each, representing a drastic, virtually complete, loss in value for those who held on to those sets for the long term.

The fact that several vendors on e Bay are selling entire 10-piece runs of the five-coin clad state quarter proof sets for less than brings the value deflation of the clad sets into clearer perspective still.

Interestingly, the 2008-S five-piece clad proof set is the most expensive of the state quarter clad sets these days.

It was issued for .95 and now sells on e Bay for around .

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