Intimidating threats

When perpetrators were members of the government or officials, reported incidents typically included threats of imprisonment or detention, blackmail and public defamation.One Mexican journalist said that a prison director attempted to discredit her, telling other reporters that she paid inmates at his prison for information about drug sales.

An American journalist working in the Middle East recalled entering an Orthodox Jewish community to report and being told to leave or face stoning.

One journalist said: “I was forced to leave my country, Zimbabwe, in 1985 after years of threats and intimidation and scary surveillance by intelligence officers because of my reporting.

At the time I was the only Zimbabwean working for the foreign media.

When acts of intimidation or abuse took place in the office, some reported that perpetrators were dismissed from their jobs or reprimanded.

Impact of Intimidation, Threats and Abuse When asked to describe the effect of “intimidation, threats and abuse,” respondents said they were concerned for their personal security and in some instances became depressed and experienced psychological trauma.

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More than half (58.4%/188 of 322) of respondents said they reported such acts to their employers, fewer than one in five (17.5%/43 of 246) said they reported to the police and less than a quarter (23.5%/57 of 242) reported to another authority.

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