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Subscription can be made for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months, as selected by the User.

If the Subscription is not canceled, Subscription will be renewed automatically for the stated period.

The sections hereunder create a form of mutual cooperation between you and Polish Dating service.

During the registration process you shall be asked to read the following sections and accept their content by marking an appropriate field.

You can access and use Polish Dating free of charge or pay an additional charge what will give you the access to additional service functions.

Before you register, we encourage you to read the foregoing sections carefully.

with its registered address at New Horizon Building, Ground Floor, 3 1/2 Miles Philip S. Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize; Mail box - electronic mail box characterized by individual Internet address assigned to a given individual (e-mail address) by means of which a given person may send and receive messages and other data; User - person over 16, who creates an account properly by providing personal Login and a password allowing to log-in to the Service; Login - individual and unique Username in the Service, which he/she has gained during the registration process; Account - available for User after he/she logs-in (i.e. It is the part of the Service where User can enter and manage his personal data and perform operations related to displaying his/her Profile; Profile - information, data and other elements presenting and describing a User, given voluntarily and individually by the User, that are made accessible and presented on the Profile of the User within the Service; Premium Account - Account in the Service available for all Users who after having paid a given charge acquire for a limited period status of the Premium Account Holder.

The above consent includes also permission given to the Administrator on using above data, information and personal image by the Administrator on marketing, information, statistical purposes and publication in media such as Internet, press, radio, TV, mobile and fixed telephony.

Each User is authorized to see his personal data processed by entities described hereinabove, is entitled to correct them as well as to demand to stop processing such data by means of deleting his/her Account. By means of the Service, its Users may present a series of data, information and other contents concerning themselves and from themselves including their personal images on the photographs sent to Service - constituting the notion of the Profile of the User, as well as using more services available within the Service allowing for meet new friends between the Users. Searching the Service database as well as its individual services may be available for each Internet user, and the Administrator may restrict the extent of this access for persons who are not Users at any time and to any extent without giving reasons thereof. The administrator does not accept any liability for services provided by means of the Service by third parties, providing services for Users on their own behalf and on their own account, by virtue of and according to the agreements reached with the Administrator or his general partners.

The party supplying the services determines the principles of supplying thereof and is exclusively responsible for the services supplied.

Removal of an Account from the Service is permanent and irrevocable. Removal of an Account can cause termination of providing all or some payable services of the Service bought by User, if holding an Account in the Service is necessary due to technological and system considerations. In case of affirmation by the Administrator, that User violates provisions of the Terms of Use, Administrator can block the Account or particular services of the Service (e.g.

internal post), together with providing in the Service adequate information available to all Users.

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