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My two sisters and two brothers are still with ISIS. I saw them placing mines in several different cities. They told us that we would be sold, some as slaves, some as brides for the fighters.The first time a member of ISIS raped me, he hit me with a whip. When they heard an airplane they would send me out; they thought that if the pilots saw me they would not bomb them. It was hot, unbearably hot, and there were one hundred and fifty of us in a house without windows, without air.They wrote our names on papers around our necks, and sold us like that. Each time he would find us, aided either by the militia at the checkpoints, or people who lied to us and instead of helping us would call him. There were people in Aleppo, however, who were just trying to survive.Eight of us were sent to Aleppo and I ended up with another woman and my nephew in a large villa. I told him that I was pregnant and could not have sex, so he brought me to a doctor and when he found out that I lied he beat me. I knew this, and I knew that I just needed to get lucky and find one. We escaped, but still we don't know anything about my uncles, my cousins and my brothers." Another 18-year-old, Muna, was captured August 15, 2015.

The ISIS fighters gathered the young girls to one side."My brother knew a driver in Mosul who he trusted and asked him to bring me to Badush where he would collect me.I was taken to the Peshmerga [Kurdish soldiers] and I was free. The man dealt with explosives and moved around a lot.The women's stories appear on Daily Mail, where it is explained that Seivan Salim, an Iraqi female photographer, was able to find some of the women who escaped slavery.Each woman was pictured in a traditional white Yazidi wedding dress in a touching move to proclaim their purity.

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I was scared, but I put on a black abaya and went in the streets.

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