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The history of i Phone began with a request from Apple Inc.

Those who had purchased an i Phone in the 14-day period before the September 5, 2007 announcement were eligible for a US 0 "price protection" rebate from Apple or AT&T.However, it was widely reported that some who bought between the June 29, 2007 launch and the August 22, 2007 price protection kick-in date complained that this was a larger-than-normal price drop for such a relatively short period and accused Apple of unfair pricing.In response to customer complaints, on September 6, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrote in an open letter to i Phone customers that everyone who purchased an i Phone at the higher price "and who is not receiving a rebate or other consideration", would receive a US0 credit to be redeemed towards the purchase of any product sold in Apple's retail or online stores.AT&T changed these restrictions in late January 2008.The Associated Press also reported in 2007 that some users were unable to activate their phones because, according to AT&T, "[a] high volume of activation requests [was] taxing the company's computer servers." As part of their quarterly earnings announcement, AT&T reported that 146,000 i Phones were activated in the first weekend.

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On December 9 the court ordered a stay on the case, awaiting the Supreme Court's decision in AT&T v.

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