Updating mini cooper onboard navigation system

The findings here come from actual measurements using the Arduino).See the Drum Master website for more information, schematics, PCB layouts, and software.The rotational position of the bowl also controls parameters of various temporal, spatial and spectral effects.More information can be found at The Sonic Body is an audio-installation that uses interactive technology to create an orchestra of the human body.

This project also includes some theory about signal filtering, particularly with respect to Piezo elements, which may come in handy for other people (I could not find much, if any, theory on this when researching the project initially.Reconquering Digital Urban Space by Students of University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt urbanpulse (Silke Hilsing) A minimal installation for haptic feeling the city.in Music Technology at the Music Research Centre, University of York, UK.Once inside however, the audience is immersed in a contrastingly tactile and multi-sensory space filled with sculptural fabric forms that evoke the shapes and contours of inner body parts.The audiences’ movements and contact with the installation triggers a symphony of spatialized sounds to be played that have been recorded from within the body.

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